How do I submit my score?

Once you have registered to compete you will receive a confirmation email. Shortly after that you will receive an email from WODcast, this will contain your login details and password to your personal scoring page. You will need to log in here each week to submit your score.

Can I repeat the WOD and enter in multiple scores?

Yes you can repeat the WOD as many times as you like. You can change your score if you improve on your previous result. However every time you enter a new score it must be verified by the affiliate manager to be counted. 

How does my score get verified?

Once you have entered your score through your personal scoring page, it will appear on your affiliate managers page of scores to be verified. They tick the box next to your name and score and press verify. As soon as your score has been verified it will appear on the leaderboard. If your score is not verified it will not appear on the leaderboard.