Circuit+ emerged into the fitness market in June 2012 upon the opening of the first location and CrossFit affiliate – Circuit Plus CrossFit. At that time it offered it’s clients two types of classes: CrossFit and C-Force (bootcamp).  In May 2014 Circuit+ opened a second location/facility consisting of two separate floors. One floor dedicated to males and one dedicated to females. This became the second CrossFit affiliate – Circuit Plus Gulf Road.  Each floor is roughly 450sq. meters and offers multiple services such as: CrossFit, C-Force (bootcamp), Body Speed, Barbell Club, and Mobility classes.

By early 2014 Circuit+ had also outgrown the first location space of about 500sq. meter. In Novemeber 2014 Circuit+ moved facilities entirely to a brand new 1,200 sq. meter location.

The Circuit+ vision is to provide it’s athletes with the best coaching available, a joined community, and a healthier lifestyle. The coaching staff is made up of fitness professionals whose goals are to ensure safety and effective training, while maximizing motivation.

In Spring/Summer 2015 Circuit+ is expanding its fitness expertise to provide Kuwait with other services that meet the needs of our clients: C+ Home Personal training and C+ Yoga Studio. Stay tuned for more information on these services.

If you are willing to take your fitness to levels you have never experienced in your life then get ready to join Circuit+.

More information can be found on Circuit+ here: