The 2016 Athlete Games Workout 1

Tips for workout and video submissions from our head judge:

Set up a camera fully charged or plugged in with your timer and your loaded barbell in the frame.

Ideally you would set it up in a 45 degree angle to the barbell so both the burpee and the front squat are easily visible.

Block off the area you’re working in so nobody can block the view on your performance.

You have to show the weight that you put on the barbell before you start the workout. Set the clock to run up.

At 3-2-1-GO you can lower yourself down into your first burpee over bar.

The Barbell needs to be cleaned up from the floor for the front squat. The first rep can be a squat clean.

Make sure you stand all the way up in the front squat.


You will perform 5 burpee over bar every minute as a buy-in.

You will then go on with front squats. One in the first minute (timer: 00:00-00:59), two in the second minute (timer: 01:00-01:59) and so on until you can not complete the respective amount of repetitions of the minute you’re in. You’re done with the workout then (e.g. in minute 12 you only complete 11 front squat - these reps will count towards your total but you can not continue with the workout anymore).

Score is total weight lifted in KG (weight x reps) - every rep counts!

Good Luck

PS: Think twice before you go for this one! Maybe even do a little maths ahead of time… it’ll be bad!