General Tips for workout and video submissions from our head judge:

Set up a camera fully charged or plugged in with your timer and your loaded barbell in the frame.

Part A:

Ideally you would set it up in a 45 degree angle to the rower facing the monitor. The monitor should be set to a 1000m race. Therefore it will show time at the end and it is saved just in case you need to pull it up again later.

Part B:

After the time of your 1000m row was clearly visible in the video you should then move the camera to a position where all HSPU, deadlift and box jump over are in the frame. Tip: set it up so you only need to turn the camera (a friend should do it while you're catching your breath after the row).

Block off the area you’re working in so nobody can block the view on your performance.

You have to show the respective weight on the barbell before you start the workout as well as the set-up of the HSPU position + box jump over. Set the clock to run up.

You can start this workout seated on the rower with foot and damper setting pre-set, no hands on the handle!

At 3-2-1-GO you can grab the handle and start rowing.

Workout Description:

Time cap: 10mins!

The Athlete starts the 2-part workout on 3-2-1-GO with part A being a 1000m. The Athlete will record the time it took to complete 1000m on the rower. He/she will then move over to part B and complete as many rounds and reps as possible within the remaining time of the 10mins. Part B consists of 4 handstand push-up followed by 8 deadlift and 12 box jump over.

Deadlift weight:

Individual: 100/60kg

Masters: 70/40kg

There is no other scaling available!


Within a 10min time cap:

Part A: total time

Part B: total repetitions


Movement Standards:

Read this carefully. What is not stated will not be judged!

Row: Athlete will start seated with hands off the handle. Athlete needs to have hands on the handle until 1000m are rowed completely.


Set-up: two plates against the wall + one abmat inbetween. The plates need to level the mat in use.

Movement starts with the athlete in the handstand position, heels against the wall, full extension in the elbows, hands on the plates. Athlete needs to touch the abmat with his head in the bottom position and come back up to the starting position to achieve on rep. At the starting and ending position the heels are the only part of the body that can be in contact with the wall. The hands need to remain on the plates.

Deadlift: barbell starts on the floor with both plates touching at the same time and ends in the hang position with knees, hips fully extended and shoulders behind the barbell. 

Box Jump Over: The athlete needs to jump over the box from one side to the opposite. A two foot take off is required. Feet are the only body part that can touch the box - but please note they don't have to. A step-down is allowed. 

Good luck!